Sunday, September 7, 2014

Texture was the feature of this Seaside Fashion shoot with Alexis

When styling this shoot I was looking to contrast Alexis's gorgeously smooth skin with some texture both with what she would be wearing, as well as the accessories.
My favourite of which is the wicker basket bag that I had scored in my hunt for things that lived and breathed natural colours and textures.
Alexis's strong connection with the camera brings an intimacy that I believe helps make contact with the viewer, and I must admit I think is an important component of an image's ability to stand out from the mass of photographs that fill our day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just Add Water…..Swimwear Shoot by a Waterfall created by stormy weather.

I was shooting with a new African model, Mary, and had loaded up with all our planned clothing and accessories, when I drove past a favourite location, just to check out conditions. We had plans to drive on, until this rush of water, a mini waterfall, enticed me to change plans.
The old proverb "That Man plans, and God laughs" does not often apply to me, because I'm always ready to seize upon a fresh idea when the God's throw potentially great stuff my way.

I know that these days, many young models like to shoot something they have seen before and like to do, but I'm open to see what comes my way, while on the way, to whatever. After all the original plan is still doable on another day, so all is good.

To say that it was a cold day is an understatement, but Mary had both the courage to give it a go, and the foresight to see it would be worth the effort.
After all haven't we all heard the old adage-"no pain, no gain". And then comes the satisfaction that you did well and turned a cold grey day around and into great images.

Mary was rewarded with just enough soft sunlight that made her already great skin, glow.

Makeup by Monique from Fab Faces

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fashion Parade of African designs from two Gold Coast creatives

Two new Fashion Designers have started taking their creations around Australia with a series of Collections inspired by different cultures. This parade in Sydney was inspired by Egypt, and featured African models strutting down the runway. Iman Deng and Suzie Mayom came together to form D&M.
D&M's inspirations were created with Silk and Other exquisite fabrics, with some Tie-Dyed to produce a great visual mix of patterns, to compliment the delicious texture of the material itself.

Fashion parade of African designs shot by Sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, silk gown, runway fashion

runway model wears silk dress down runway as photographer Gilbert Rossi shoots the new styles, silk, black model, modelling portfolio shoot

black model wears silk gown on sydney runway, gilbert rossi shoots runway fashion show, glamour of formal wear

African Fashion Parade by D&M designers, shot by Italian photographer Gilbert Rossi, black model on runway,

mens Fashion on the runway shot by Fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, black models wearing evening wear, the ray charles look on the runway

men Gilbert Rossi photographer shoots modelling portfolio, wearing silk suits or runway fashion show, male black models, sunglasses, catwalk,

Tie-Dyed silk garments photographed by Gilbert Rossi, modelling portfolio packages, african designers iman Deng and Suzie Mayom, D&M, runway fashion, black models on catwalk

Swimwear parade shot by Gilbert Rossi on runway, sexy swimwear, one piece swimsuits, black runway model, Deng & Mayom designers, gold coast fashion designers

menswear on the catwalk, gilbert rossi shoots fashion parade, mens portfolio shoot, silk suit,

tie dyed designs, menswear shoot by gilbert rossi, men on fashion runway, mens fashion shoot

black models on runway, fashion show shot by sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, silk dress, D&M, Iman Deng and Suzie Moyom designers, African fashion show

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Portfolio shoot for Julia gets of to a great start

A location portfolio shoot is always dependent on the weather, and even though the wind came out to play, the resulting images look great. Maybe even because the wind come to join in on the fun. The sun did put in an appearance, just when needed. As I had asked the weather gods for some late afternoon light, it all came together, to brighten even more Julia's great smile.

modelling portfolio shoot by photographer Gilbert Rossi, location fashion photo shoot, Julia Fitzgerald, beauty headshot, Monique'sfabfaces,

Fashion model portfolio shoot, Julia Fitzgerald, Gilbert Rossi shoots modelling portfolio, on location
Fashion portrait, modeling portfolio shoot by sydney photographer Gilbert Rossi, fashion shoot outdoors, windswept hair,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Modelling Portfolio Update shot on location

Portfolio shoots need to target the model's strengths and clearly show what she or he brings to the table. Just coming up with interesting images might please you, the model, but is it going to cut it, if your looking to get booked by those that are calling the shots.
Portfolio shots need to give information, how you can move and body shots need to give a good idea of your body shape etc. As well as creating a mood or portray an emotion that catches the attention of talent bookers. Folio images need to stand out and give clients - Agents, Photographers, Art Directors and Editors more than just your great looks, after all just relying on your pretty face doesn't count for much when beauty is an entry requirement shared by all at each casting. As they say in need to sell the sizzle, not just the steak!

modelling portfolio shoot by fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, lingerie shoot of model wearing Pleasure State Lingerie, model wearing corsette.

portfolio package fashion, fashion shoot of Tiffany in white corset, location fashion by Gilbert Rossi.

beauty headshot by Sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, modeling portfolio shoot,fashion portrait

Pleasant State Lingerie shot outdoors by photographer Gilbert Rossi,modelling portfolio update, edgy sexy fashion shoot

location fashion shoot, Pleasant State underwear, photo shoot on a wharf

edgy lingerie shoot in urban location, model wearing black, sexy fashion by Gilbert Rossi

Sexy edgy lingerie fashion shoot on location, model wearing black underwear, fashion shoot on location by photographer Gilbert Rossilocation
Wardrobe styling by Florinda-WIT Productions, retouching by Gilbert Rossi.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Urban fashion lingerie story shot on location in Sydney

Location fashion shoots can be a little demanding when you need to deal with the weather's blustery moods, as well as the crowds of city workers trampling through your frame. On this day we had the usual groupies that have never seen a woman before and felt the need to make up for lost time, as well as a few that thought you needed their invaluable opinion. But in the end we came away with some strong images that made up for the demanding conditions, just another day at the office.
black model, street fashion, edgy urban shoot by photographer Gilbert Rossi, sudanese model, modelling portfolio photography

modelling portfolio, urban fashion shoot, black model on location shot by sydney photographer Gilbert Rossi, modeling portfolio package

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Edgy Fashion in Urban Concrete Maze

This edgy fashion shoot came about when the weather we required deteriorated to the point that only a poor sunless sky was left. So we adapted and changed our location and wardrobe to suit. I wanted  Larissa's strong sculptured face to dominate the urban concrete location, keeping it simple so her intense look brought an extra edge to the shoot.
edgy fashion shoot,modelling portfolio shot by sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, location photo shoot of Larissa Joyce, swimwear, one piece swim suit,

modelling portfolio shoot, urban fashion, location swimwear photo shoot, Larissa Joyce shot by fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi

modeling portfolio packages, fashion shoot in city,

Gilbert Rossi shoots fashion with Larissa Joyce, fashion photographer, gear model management,
Hair, makeup and styling by WIT Productions 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

ARTWEAR ON QUEEN shoots some of Italy's most creative Fashion designers for their local market.

Artwear On Queen needed this fashion range of their most innovative Italian designers including Giovanni Cavagnia, Masnada and Isabel Benenato photographed for their local market.
These designers have been setting the trend in Milan and Europe and giving the underground fashion scene the fresh strong and refreshing boost that has made them names amongst the most creative of fashion's trend setters.
modeling, fashion photo shoot by Gilbert Rossi, model wears italian designer Giovanni Cavagnia

fashion designer shoot by Sydney photographer Gilbert Rossi, italian designer Giovanni Gavagina, australian model

modelling porfolio shoot, fashion look book shot in studio, white background photo shoot by photographer Gilbert Rossi