Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Singer Songwriter Series features new original music talent in Australia

Recently I shot some images of artists at Singer Songwriter Series, a search for original emerging artists, a contest held in Sydney's Metro venue.
singer songwriter series shot by sydney photographer gilbert rossi, location band photography by gilbert rossi

original music artists shot by gilbert rossi at singer songwriter series

singer performing original songs at singer songwriter series, sydney photographer gilbert rossi shoots live music performers

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gillian Cooper's style is what I'm looking for in a model

I feel a little spoiled shooting so often with great models, but as I've put in my request for some sunshine next week, stay tuned for the images I'll share.
gillian cooper location shoot by sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi, sexy stylish australian model gillian cooper wearing black singlet top and jeans on location shoot

Saturday, November 19, 2011

So Sarah Murdoch has also noticed that so many wannabe models are lazy whingers

While catching up on local news this morning I saw this little story relating Sarah Murdoch's experiences as Australia's Next Top Model host and producer. She is quoted as telling Australian Women's Weekly "I've never heard so much whinging and as for work ethic, I don't know where that's gone"
Sarah's other quotes that resonated with me included references to "do you not realise who you are working with...and the leg up you've been given" Most photographers working with the latest crop of "models" comes across this problem often, usually from girls that basically do little more than just reflect light, then stand back demanding and whinging all kind of things. Well, I hope Sarah takes the opportunity to drag these precious princesses into the real world, via the door. As I've often said, "some people please us when they come, others when they go"
australia's next top model, sarah murdoch, sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi comments on sunday telegraph story on model's work ethic

Years ago, when I shot with Sarah, it was obvious why she was well on the road to success. Apart from being gorgeous, and infected all around her with her enthusiasm, Sarah was also a consummate professional, working through that particular days challenges delivering the goods we were there to produce. Well, girls, you can see for yourselves where that got Sarah.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Black is Beautifull still holds true

I had been thinking for some time that I should contact Asha O about shooting, but only now found the motivation to make the time. Yes as I've often said, I think time + motivation = having the time. But having said that, we all know that there is much that contributes to our motivation, ahh the modern world is not as simple as we would wish. So recently I planned a beauty shoot with make up stylist Michael Halder, and started the process not only to create some beauty images, but to see what I could do with Asha, what she is like, and what drives her. Here you will see some of the images from that day in my studio, very diverse images, as I explored what and who etc. My favourite so far is in the Fashion section of my website.   Now with added new images are from a recent location shoot.
black model in texture study with sand,sydney photographer gilbert rossi shoots model on location, model shoot on location

modelling portfolio shoot on location, sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi shoots black model with black boots, fashion story of boots shot on location by advertising photographer gilbert rossi, location specialist photographer gilbert rossi shoots fashion footwear

sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi shoots black model on location, modelling portfolio shoot of model on location

black model in studio modelling beauty shoot by sydney photographer gilbert rossi, gilbert rossi shoots black fashion model, black beauty asha osman shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi

sydney fashion photographer shoots black model asha osman in studio, black model in modelling portfolio studio shoot, modelling portfolio package shoot by sydney photographer gilbert rossi, model shoot on black background, black fashion model shot on black background