Sunday, November 25, 2012

Swimwear cover shoot in Australia's great beaches with Gillian Cooper

Swimwear and Gym wear was part of the brief, a little departure from bikinis on the beach. I was looking for some energy, with strong eye contact that would engage the viewer and separate these images from the norm. Gillian's vitality and youthfull energy, along with the vibrant colours under our great aussie sun all contributed to a great days shoot.
gillian cooper wearing one piece swimsuit shot by photographer gilbert rossi, brunette model on australian beach, magazine cover shoot, modelling portfolio location shoot

brazilfit two piece worn by sydney model gillian cooper and shot by gilbert rossi, magazine cover shoot on australian beach, swimwear model splashing in surf, model in surf beach shoot
Splashing in the surf Gillian wears Brazilfit two piece and Nike visor.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Actor's, Musicians and Model's headshots are allways a challenge.

As a professional's portraits are often the first thing people see on line, they need to make an emotional connection first up, well before the resume or blurb is read. These were shot for Alexis's music Cd cover, but will no doubt find their way into her modelling portfolio and websites as well.
fashion portrait shot on white background by sydney portrait photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio package shoot

alexis mcfarland shot by photographer gilbert rossi for her music video and cd, modelling portfolio studio shoot, actors headshot for resume, white background studio shoot

modelling portfolio headshot, fashion portrait, model shot in studio on white background, singer alexis mcfarland shot by portrait photographer gilbert rossi, portrait headshot photography

portrait photography, modelling portfolio package, strong studio portraits

Friday, November 16, 2012

Classic Vintage Beauty inspired shoot of Gillian Cooper

This beauty fashion shoot came about after I had a request from an editorial client for images inspired from past classic beauty photographs. So after some quick shopping and fiddling back at the studio, we came up with these sensual tributes to an era that has slipped away.
classic vintage beauty, gillian cooper shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, model wearing black veil,il

woman wearing black veil, gillian cooper shot by photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio, fashion headshot photography

Monday, November 12, 2012

Vivien's model Chloe Moo just getting warmed up for another studio shoot

Keeping the makeup simple then shooting a few frames of Chloe, while letting her work the camera. The resulting images are simple yet evocative because of her  sensual connection with the viewer. This worked wonders as a warm up for the tribal shoot I had planned, and helped produce the strength and energy in the images you'll see next. I'll post as soon as I've worked them up.
viviens model chloe moo, sexy studio fashion shoot,black and white fashion shoot

sultry fashion model in studio shoot by photographer gilbert rossi, viviens model chloe moo

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Edgy, strong and crisp portrait shoot gives Alexis a totally fresh look

We were shooting for Alexis's music video cd cover and promotional material, and I decided on something stronger with a clean posterised look. This is one I've worked up and more are to follow when I've narrowed the selection down to a few hero images.
edgy and sexy portrait of alexis mcfarland shot by photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio studio shoot, music video shoot, studio portraite shot on white background

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Street Fashion that caught Gillian's eye.

Gillian Cooper, recently suggested to this vibrant visitor from Cuba, that she contact me with the view to shooting with me. Here are some of the test shots, a great start to updating and adding a local feel to her modelling portfolio.
modelling porfolio shoot of merys by photographer gilbert rossi, dark skinned model in studio portrait shoot

modelling fashion portfolio package shot by fashion and glamour photographer gilbert rossi, edgy fashion shoot of brunette model merys navarro polledo in balmain studio

portfolio shoot in studio of tanned brunette model shot by australian fashion photographer gilbert rossi in sydney, merys navarro shooting for her modelling folio

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Viviens Models- Portfolio shoot with Chloe Moo

We shot several looks with Chloe, here I've posted the black on black story. I've lusted over this exquisite silk long sleeved top by Marc Le Bihan of France, and supplied by ARTWEAR ON QUEEN in Woollahra, this is my first story with this great piece, and my second shoot with the gorgeous and enthusiastic Chloe.

sheer silk french top from artwear on queen shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi in his balmain studio

Make up and Hair was by Rose Borg, and I was assisted by Jordan Mulligan.