Wednesday, June 19, 2013

VIVID Sydney Festival of Light, again brightens our harbour nights with great luminous sculptures.

Vivid Sydney again gave me the opportunity to shoot Monique bathed in the installations light. Shooting in that massive crowd proved again to be a challenge, but unlike last years Vivid shoot, the rain stayed away. (see older blog for our last Vivid shoot). Monique did a great professional job braving both the freezing weather and the multitude of onlookers, all of coarse with cameras.

Hair and Make Up by Katherine Minty, assistant : Sky, and all the designers and artists of the installations.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Luna Rioumina slips across to Oz and into something comfortable.

SPARTACUS, the US series Luna was strutting her ample stuff in helped get Luna ready for our shoot, the first of many.
Luna landing might now take on a new meaning, as  I expect more than a couple of editors may go into orbit when the rest of this shoot hits their screen, so as they say "watch this space".

Hair and makeup by Nikita Lauren and assisted by Scott