Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vivid Sydney Light Sculptures

Vivid Sydney

One of the sculptures "Passage to happiness" by Sun Yu-Li caught my eye and I went back to shoot with model, Biannca Rose. I had not met Biannca, and she travelled quite a way to shoot in the freezing cold winter air. The Vivid Sydney event was packed, and this particular sculpture seemed to attract many enthusiastic kids and people photographing each other and climbing all over the exhibit. So between the maddening crowd (bodies getting in the frame, bodies getting between lens and model, clowns trying to get in the shot, photographers trying to get shots of Biannca, flashguns going off.... etc etc ) and the extreme cold, creating interesting images with Biannca was looking like a crazy idea. But we gave it a good shot and here are some of the results.
sydney vivid light sculptures shot by photographer gilbert rossi with blonde model biannca rose, blonde model portfolio location shoot, glamour location night shoot

 modelling porfolio night shoot of blonde fashion model, sydney vivid light sculptures with fashion model

sydney vivid sculptures shoot at night with blonde glamour model

sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi shooting model at vivid sydney sculpture night exhibition, modelling portfolio night location shoot, model with sculptures

blue sculpture with model at vivid light sculptures sydney shot by gilbert rossi

My assistant and stand-in model, Michael was on hand to help with the shoot and bask in the blue.
male model portfolio location night shoot by sydney fashion portrait photographer gilbert rossi, male portraits on location