Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chloe Moo in black on black

In between planned garment changes, Chloe tries on this classic Enough gown by Nicole Bennett, and of coarse she looks radiant in it
vivien's model chloe moo wearing a nicloe bennett design from her enough range, modelling portfolio shoot by photographer gilbert rossi,studio fashion shoot,
                                                       Hair and Make Up by Rose Borg

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Making use of the day's last rays with Monique.

Urban landscape of strong bold patterns with the day's last warm rays of light, 
all essential ingredients of this denim fashion story.

modelling portfolio shot on location, model wearing denim jacket and jeans, egdy urban location shoot by photographer gilbert rossi

urban fashion location shoot of model wearing denim, modelling portfolio packages by gilbert rossi,

urban denim fashion shoot of monique wright by sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi, grungy fashion shoot in concrete location

fashion shoot on location for model's portfolio, edgy denim shoot by photographer gilbert rossi

Friday, December 21, 2012

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year to all

Wishing you all the best for this Christmas and the Years to come. I hope that the coming year is all and more that you wish for.
season's greetings, merry xmas, happy new year, fashion, fashion in 2012, fashion parade runway shot by photographer gilbert rossi,fashion palette
          One of my favourite images created in 2012, my impressionist view of Fashion on parade.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sarah Shaw just down from Darwin to join Vivien's Model Management, gets some new shots together to boost her portfolio.

Studio fashion shots of Sarah Shaw strutting her stuff in one of the looks shot for her portfolio. Just a sneak peek, I'm not sure what will eventually make the cut, as I'm yet to go thru all the images from Sarah's extensive shoot, and go thru them with her booker at Viv's.
vivien's model sarah shaw wearing hight waisted denim jeans in portfolio shoot by photographer gilbert rossi, fashion shoot, portfolio packages for model folio

sexy studio fashion shoot of model in blue denim pants, grungy fashion shoot by sydney photographer gilbert rossi

vivien's model sarah shaw wearing oversize men's jacket in sexy modelling portfolio shoot, model with blowing hair in edgy fashion story by photographer gilbert rossi
Hair and makeup by Rose Borg, and assisted by Jordan Mulligan. Sarah wears REPORTER tweed jacket, LE ROCK Classics high waisted denim jeans, and Sergio Rossi pumps.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tribal Fashion shoot with Vivien's model Chloe Moo

This was my first shoot with Chloe, we put it together using some pieces that I had collected for such a  story. Although it was an impromptu shoot, Chloe took to the idea with relish, and her enthusiasm got me hooked, and we have now worked together a few times. There are plenty of hot models about, but it's the drive to exell that seperates the good from great, and that's where I think Chloe is heading, and she has the team at Vivien's to help put that in place.
vivien's model chloe moo shot by photographer gilbert rossi, fashion photographer,tribal fashion shoot, modelling portfolio studio shoot

chloe moo shot by advertising photographer gilbert rossi, edgy tribal fashion shoot, grundy fashion, fashion photography, modelling portfolio shoot

modelling portfolio shot by sydney photographer gilbert rossi, edgy tribal shoot in natural earth colours

studio fashion shoot of model, fashion photographer,fashion photography, vivien's model chloe moo photographed by international photographer gilbert rossi, tribal beauty headshot

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Portfolio location shoot of Vivien's model Jack Tyeman goes ahead despite the weather.

Location photo shoots are always at the mercy of the weather, and as dawn was breaking it became obvious that sunshine was probably not going to be part of the mornings available light. Rather than postponing the shoot, I went ahead knowing I could pull some great stuff out with the enthusiastic models I had from Vivien's, Jack Tyeman and Chloe Moo. This is only a teaser from a very productive day, despite the rain soaked beach and depressing overcast sky. More images will follow when I get to go through them all.
vivien's models, jack tyeman shot in surf by sydney photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio shot on beach in surf, model with surfboard in water

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Swimwear cover shoot in Australia's great beaches with Gillian Cooper

Swimwear and Gym wear was part of the brief, a little departure from bikinis on the beach. I was looking for some energy, with strong eye contact that would engage the viewer and separate these images from the norm. Gillian's vitality and youthfull energy, along with the vibrant colours under our great aussie sun all contributed to a great days shoot.
gillian cooper wearing one piece swimsuit shot by photographer gilbert rossi, brunette model on australian beach, magazine cover shoot, modelling portfolio location shoot

brazilfit two piece worn by sydney model gillian cooper and shot by gilbert rossi, magazine cover shoot on australian beach, swimwear model splashing in surf, model in surf beach shoot
Splashing in the surf Gillian wears Brazilfit two piece and Nike visor.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Actor's, Musicians and Model's headshots are allways a challenge.

As a professional's portraits are often the first thing people see on line, they need to make an emotional connection first up, well before the resume or blurb is read. These were shot for Alexis's music Cd cover, but will no doubt find their way into her modelling portfolio and websites as well.
fashion portrait shot on white background by sydney portrait photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio package shoot

alexis mcfarland shot by photographer gilbert rossi for her music video and cd, modelling portfolio studio shoot, actors headshot for resume, white background studio shoot

modelling portfolio headshot, fashion portrait, model shot in studio on white background, singer alexis mcfarland shot by portrait photographer gilbert rossi, portrait headshot photography

portrait photography, modelling portfolio package, strong studio portraits

Friday, November 16, 2012

Classic Vintage Beauty inspired shoot of Gillian Cooper

This beauty fashion shoot came about after I had a request from an editorial client for images inspired from past classic beauty photographs. So after some quick shopping and fiddling back at the studio, we came up with these sensual tributes to an era that has slipped away.
classic vintage beauty, gillian cooper shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, model wearing black veil,il

woman wearing black veil, gillian cooper shot by photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio, fashion headshot photography

Monday, November 12, 2012

Vivien's model Chloe Moo just getting warmed up for another studio shoot

Keeping the makeup simple then shooting a few frames of Chloe, while letting her work the camera. The resulting images are simple yet evocative because of her  sensual connection with the viewer. This worked wonders as a warm up for the tribal shoot I had planned, and helped produce the strength and energy in the images you'll see next. I'll post as soon as I've worked them up.
viviens model chloe moo, sexy studio fashion shoot,black and white fashion shoot

sultry fashion model in studio shoot by photographer gilbert rossi, viviens model chloe moo

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Edgy, strong and crisp portrait shoot gives Alexis a totally fresh look

We were shooting for Alexis's music video cd cover and promotional material, and I decided on something stronger with a clean posterised look. This is one I've worked up and more are to follow when I've narrowed the selection down to a few hero images.
edgy and sexy portrait of alexis mcfarland shot by photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio studio shoot, music video shoot, studio portraite shot on white background

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Street Fashion that caught Gillian's eye.

Gillian Cooper, recently suggested to this vibrant visitor from Cuba, that she contact me with the view to shooting with me. Here are some of the test shots, a great start to updating and adding a local feel to her modelling portfolio.
modelling porfolio shoot of merys by photographer gilbert rossi, dark skinned model in studio portrait shoot

modelling fashion portfolio package shot by fashion and glamour photographer gilbert rossi, edgy fashion shoot of brunette model merys navarro polledo in balmain studio

portfolio shoot in studio of tanned brunette model shot by australian fashion photographer gilbert rossi in sydney, merys navarro shooting for her modelling folio

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Viviens Models- Portfolio shoot with Chloe Moo

We shot several looks with Chloe, here I've posted the black on black story. I've lusted over this exquisite silk long sleeved top by Marc Le Bihan of France, and supplied by ARTWEAR ON QUEEN in Woollahra, this is my first story with this great piece, and my second shoot with the gorgeous and enthusiastic Chloe.

sheer silk french top from artwear on queen shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi in his balmain studio

Make up and Hair was by Rose Borg, and I was assisted by Jordan Mulligan.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Studio shoot a mix of textures

Nikita's first studio shoot with me was a study of texture with a cotton mesh top and my netts. I was working on getting a strong and intense look from Nikita.
studio fashion shoot of australian aboriginal model nikita brown, modelling portfolio shoot in studio, indigenous model in fashion shoot by photographer gilbert rossi

Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Squeaky wheel gets the oil"

My favourite model declared herself available during these past few warm days, so as I'm not able to just sit indoors slaving over my computer while the sun shines outside, out we went. Enthusiasm can take on many different shapes, as you can see here, it can be well worth the effort to oil up. There are more of course, but you will need to wait and see. But you can be sure of at least one thing, "All that glistens can be Gold"
modelling portfolio shot on location by photographer gilbert rossi,swimwear location shoot, glamour swimwear shot on australian beach, modelling portfolio headshot
Some images show faces that once looked our way, I shoot for ones that can keep looking out at us.

As you can see here, her captivatingly intense look can keep our attention long after the distraction of her fit and ample physique. I like shooting with her because the resulting images withstand not only the test of time, but survive swimming in today's huge volume of images out there.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dumped Urban Street Fashion

Urban street fashion, Balmain style.

modelling portfolio shoot on street location, sexy urban street fashion shoot, model wearing thigh high black boots and suspenders
This great example of Contemporary Urban Art was dumped outside my studio, full to the brim. And there was Monique all dressed up and ready to take charge.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Strong, Edgy and Intense Portraits was what I was after..

Portraits that carried some weight. After a beauty shoot with Ana, I needed to shoot some more intense personal images, and at days end, we were all ripe for some stronger stuff.
edgy portraits, actors portraits shot by photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio headshots

modelling portfolio beauty headshots, actors headshots by photographer gilbert rossi,studio portraits
Model-Ana Kingsley.  Hair and Make up by Rose Borg

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Swimwear on location with Gillian Cooper

Here we see Gillian not quite washed up on the rocks, still stylishly elegant in a stunning one piece swimsuit. I liked the contrast of these textured rocks and her metalic onepiece.
swimwear location shoot with gillian cooper shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, metalic one piece swimsuit, edgy swimwear shoot on beach rocks

classic swimwear shot on australian landscape, location fashion shoot of australian model and actor gillian cooper by photographer gilbert rossi

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sheer French Silk Fashion fantasy

This sheer elegant blouse of handmade french silk is an exquisite study of romantic textures. I think that it needs to be worn alone so we can appreciate it's sensuous beauty without distraction. This is one of my favourites from Artwear on Queen that I should acquire just to hang it on a nearby wall, and let the days light do it's magic.
sheer silk fashion shot on white, modelling porfolio fashion,black model wearing sheer white silk top

gilbert rossi shooting silk fashion on model in studio,studio fashion portfolio shoot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi

studio advertising fashion shoot for artwear on queen by photographer gilbert rossi

look book studio shoot silk fashion top

flat lay fashion photographed by gilbert rossi in studio on white background
This is what I call body art, and where else to find it but at Artwear on Queen in woollahra in Sydney.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photographer's assistants that actually assist.

Assistants or Interns. I remember when getting into a studio and working alongside an established professional photographer was the ideal way to develop the skills needed and pick up tricks of the trade that only came with working at the sharp end with experienced people. Continually exposed to some of the daily little problems that needed creative solutions. These little gems of knowledge could include seamlessly putting a big shoot together involving many different  personalities and needs of clients, stylists and talent. Learning to balance the requirements of the clients needs with often changing conditions on the day, and all within the ever shrinking budget.
Working with experienced professionals would  still seem to be an ideal path for new and emerging photographers, however I see many photographers trying to find people who are sufficiently motivated to get involved. This appears to be another negative condition the Internet has highlighted and fed, amongst others. I'm referring to how today's mass communication and the flood of all things online have produced a culture of "yeah I can do that, I have a camera and photoshop"
Add to this mix the now massive stock of images available to tempt the lesser creatives to just "recreate" an image, so creating an culture of copies of copies that are copies of images and are devoid of the soul and emotive elements of the original. The obvious danger of this culture, apart from flooding our visual world with even lower grade crap, is that it inhibits original thought and perceptual development.
This difference between being a photographer and creating photographs. We can now see a sea of guys with cameras wanting to "be", rather than wanting to create or express, motivated by the desire to join a club.
photographers assistants, photo studio interns,professional photographers

Last light as winter slips away.

After shooting some sexy swimwear at one of my favourite locations, we came to the end of the day's light, but I thought I could squeeze at little bit more out of the short winter's day. With the sun gone I concentrated on the great texture of the shelly beach, and matched it up with the loose net top.

stylish beach fashion, model wearing sheer net top,resortwear shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Location search for Fashion shoot at Sydney Opera House

While wondering around with a collegue and my assistant looking for possible fresh locations at an old familiar site, Sydney Opera House, I saw the moon rise above the shells. Of coarse the house showed me yet again why it's one of my favourite Australian locations, never failing to inspire.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vivid Sydney Light Sculptures

Vivid Sydney

One of the sculptures "Passage to happiness" by Sun Yu-Li caught my eye and I went back to shoot with model, Biannca Rose. I had not met Biannca, and she travelled quite a way to shoot in the freezing cold winter air. The Vivid Sydney event was packed, and this particular sculpture seemed to attract many enthusiastic kids and people photographing each other and climbing all over the exhibit. So between the maddening crowd (bodies getting in the frame, bodies getting between lens and model, clowns trying to get in the shot, photographers trying to get shots of Biannca, flashguns going off.... etc etc ) and the extreme cold, creating interesting images with Biannca was looking like a crazy idea. But we gave it a good shot and here are some of the results.
sydney vivid light sculptures shot by photographer gilbert rossi with blonde model biannca rose, blonde model portfolio location shoot, glamour location night shoot

 modelling porfolio night shoot of blonde fashion model, sydney vivid light sculptures with fashion model

sydney vivid sculptures shoot at night with blonde glamour model

sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi shooting model at vivid sydney sculpture night exhibition, modelling portfolio night location shoot, model with sculptures

blue sculpture with model at vivid light sculptures sydney shot by gilbert rossi

My assistant and stand-in model, Michael was on hand to help with the shoot and bask in the blue.
male model portfolio location night shoot by sydney fashion portrait photographer gilbert rossi, male portraits on location