Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fashion shoot for Larissa's modelling portfolio was almost blown away in recent gale.

Although it was blowing a fierce gale, I thought the great light we were blessed with when the clouds suddenly parted should not be wasted. I had a location in mind that could offer some shelter and utilise the warm light. In this image I made use of the colours that complemented her skin tone, the textures of the metal frame and the shadows it threw. Even that wind was harnessed to provide some hair and skirt movement, a win win all around, and another  great day at the office!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Two models with great lips and hair is what inspired me to get these girls together.

When I mentioned that I was looking to shoot a group of girls with long great hair, Alexis mentioned her friend Larissa. Yes she has great hair, but also great lips to compliment her strong sensual look. Now the search for a third for the shoot I have in mind.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Portfolio shoot of a new model I scouted in Enmore road.

I saw Jacqueline walking with her father recently and after approaching them, we organised to shoot a test at my studio. Jacqueline is an actor and aspiring model, so her interest in both acting and modelling  is going to be a big plus for her.
As I wanted to start off by keeping things simple, I went without getting makeup and hair done by a stylist, and just shot some simple studio shots to give us both a feel for what we can do together. The images here are a few of the many produced on the day for a start to Jacqueline's folio.