Friday, January 25, 2013

Urban athlete takes her NIKE joggers through their paces as she trains throughout the inner west of sydney

Part of Sydney's industrial landscape and one of my favourite urban shoot locations yields a great grungy backdrop for anything from fashion to sports apparel. Even inspiring on overcast muddy days that other locations can't compare with. This rich collection of shapes and textures allways inspires me to create images with that edge missing elsewhere in this town.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vivien's new arrival to Sydney Sarah Shaw looking stylish and aloof.

Sarah's modelling portfolio shoot yielded some amazing images as I will soon show you, here is a little preview, swimwear shot in the day's last rays.
Vivien's models,sarah shaw shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, gilbert rossi, location swimwear shoot , modelling portfolio shoot

swimwear shot on location by the pool by photographer gilbert rossi, model wearing one piece swimsuit, sarah shaw shooting her modelling portfolio

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Location, location, shooting in one of my favourite spots for fashion shoots with a mix of light

The wind came up something fierce, so a slight change of location was called for and a little different treatment with the "available light". It's all good, edgy stuff of Monique after Rose did her stuff with her brushes and hot tools. Hot stuff all around.
edgy,urban fashion by gilbert rossi, 80's fashion revisited, location fashion shoot for modelling portfolio

Change of model, change of look, the show must go on.

When the model I planned to shoot had her morning engagement extended, I called Monique. From the airport straight to the studio, then into the magic afternoon light.
beauty photography on location by photographer gilbert rossi, redhead model, hair and beauty, modelling portfolio

Friday, January 4, 2013

Magic Sunset on Stormy afternoon makes for a spectacular end to the day's Denim story shoot.

The denim shoot on location with Monique Wright was going well when a sudden storm blew up and  as the sun's last rays fought to break thru, a spectacular opportunity presented itself. It was over in seconds, but we managed to bring back these images.

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wind blows model at sunset, modelling portfolio shoot, location photography of model by gilbert rossi

monique wright shot by sydney photographer gilbert rossi, model wearing denim on rocks, fashion location shoot at sunset
These images were shot on the same afternoon as in my previous post, go to older post to see all of them. Via this link

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


      Wishing all a prosperous and rewardng 2013. I hope all your dreams and aspirations bear fruit.
happy new year from gilbert rossi, sunrise, sun, photographer gilbert rossi