Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fashion Parade of African designs from two Gold Coast creatives

Two new Fashion Designers have started taking their creations around Australia with a series of Collections inspired by different cultures. This parade in Sydney was inspired by Egypt, and featured African models strutting down the runway. Iman Deng and Suzie Mayom came together to form D&M.
D&M's inspirations were created with Silk and Other exquisite fabrics, with some Tie-Dyed to produce a great visual mix of patterns, to compliment the delicious texture of the material itself.

Fashion parade of African designs shot by Sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, silk gown, runway fashion

runway model wears silk dress down runway as photographer Gilbert Rossi shoots the new styles, silk, black model, modelling portfolio shoot

black model wears silk gown on sydney runway, gilbert rossi shoots runway fashion show, glamour of formal wear

African Fashion Parade by D&M designers, shot by Italian photographer Gilbert Rossi, black model on runway,

mens Fashion on the runway shot by Fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, black models wearing evening wear, the ray charles look on the runway

men Gilbert Rossi photographer shoots modelling portfolio, wearing silk suits or runway fashion show, male black models, sunglasses, catwalk,

Tie-Dyed silk garments photographed by Gilbert Rossi, modelling portfolio packages, african designers iman Deng and Suzie Mayom, D&M, runway fashion, black models on catwalk

Swimwear parade shot by Gilbert Rossi on runway, sexy swimwear, one piece swimsuits, black runway model, Deng & Mayom designers, gold coast fashion designers

menswear on the catwalk, gilbert rossi shoots fashion parade, mens portfolio shoot, silk suit,

tie dyed designs, menswear shoot by gilbert rossi, men on fashion runway, mens fashion shoot

black models on runway, fashion show shot by sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, silk dress, D&M, Iman Deng and Suzie Moyom designers, African fashion show

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  1. Looks fantastic, great shots, great post. Western Sydney! Wow.