Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fashion Photography often means working with the location's weather, rather than crying when the conditions are not what's wanted.

After a few shoots in recent months, working in Australia's crazy weather, I thought I'd post some images that were a direct result of working with and embracing the conditions as we found them or what they developed into. Some of the most rewarding experiences, for me come from turning things around and into emotive images.
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fashion location shoot of alex stamell by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, sexy outdoor beach shoot, model wearing leopard print top

wind blowing model's hair, modelling portfolio shoot by sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi, location photography of model, alex stamell, actors headshot photography

While the images above of Alex were shot with a strong wind that was driving us crazy, this image of Carly was executed when the rain came to try us, but a little cover and the available light found in my bag, in the form of a flash/strobe did the trick. 

modeling portfolio package shoot by photographer Gilbert Rossi, location flash shoot, sexy urban fashion, night modelling with flash

modelling portfolio fashion shoot for agency model by photographer Gilbert Rossi, location shoot in the wind, portfolio package for modeling
This image was created when the wind seemed to be too strong. So rather than go indoors and waste the gorgeous sunlight, I found a location that enabled me to put the wind to effective use. 

The strong directional movement in Larissa's pose, and the wind blowing her hair and more importantly, her skirt, are the main components that contribute to this image's power and strength. 
Along with that strong intense look from Larissa......Another great dat at the office!

When asked to shoot friend's Ajita and Justin's wedding, we had hopped for sunshine, but the weather Gods had other ideas. But I was prepared both with a tarp to protect Ajita's dress and for shooting in the rain. It was sprinkling and a little windy, I try to think that the Gods are trying to help me make memorable photographs, if only I'm able to embrace what they throw at me. 

I did warn Justin by saying, that whatever happens, we will get what we came to for, a memorable record of their special day, encompassing all that goes into making it so. So I thought... "I'm covered" so to speak. So rather than waiting for more umbrellas to be retrieved from the limo, I stayed ready for whatever came my way. Actually it went the wedding party's way......the gust of wind that was already flexing its muscle, (just to give me a heads up of what I must admit, I was hoping for)...the rest as they say is history. The gusting wind blew the fountain's water into our shot. That's Justin's brother seen here enjoying the dousing way too much, and oblivious of the Bride and Groom's displeasure. Soon I'll post the whole series of images in the sequence that this image is part of. The last image is awesome, so stay tuned.

Moral of this story; for me-stay alert and vigilant, ready for whatever, maybe a usefull legacy from years of shooting sport. The moral for the newly weds, with which they seamed to agree ;-whatever happens, it will truly part and parcel of your special day. And in this case it seemed to make the day's best pictures.

All in all "Another Great Day at the Office"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alexis looking strong an' sexy

When I recently shot Lex, her great head of hair seduced me yet again. Apart from Alexis's great face, she can deliver that intoxicating edgy and sexy look that shows what comes from shooting regularly with a photographer that is willing to push for more than a pretty face.


Monday, September 30, 2013

Model test shoot at casting reveals a new talent

Ammie's test shots at a recent go-see yielded a great surprise, a new talent that was so refreshingly spontaneous and expressive that I know I've found a new talent.
Along with her enthusiasm to add fresh and emotive images to her portfolio and build up her work experience, I can see how her energy will get her some TV commercials as well.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Testimonials from Models and Stylists I, Gilbert Rossi have worked with

Fashion, Commercial, and Glamour models and Actors I've had the pleasure to work with over the years say a few words here about their experience working with me. These are not in any order and I've yet to add all, but will add to this blog as I get the chance.

                                                                  GILLIAN COOPER

testimonial of work with photographer gilbert rossi by model and actor gillian cooper.

gilbert rossi testimonial, about gilbert rossi, fashion photographer gilbert rossi, what gillian cooper as to say

photographer Gilbert Rossi shooting fashion beauty headshot on location, beauty story shot by sydney photographer

photographer gilbert rossi shoots lingerie in studio, lingerie shoot by sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi

photographer Gilbert Rossi shoots beach beauty, model poses for Sydney photographer Gilbert Rossi.

                   "The Devil is in the Details"..In his own words, Gilbert captures what actually 
                   defines him as a world renowned photographer. It is his immense attention to 
                   detail, careful design and spontaneity that guarantees a great shot. 
                   His desire to create is what drives him. Models grow from working with Gilbert,
                   and get to appreciate the importance of choosing the right photographer to work 
                   As a model, there is comfort in knowing that a great shot's inevitable.
                   Every image he has made captures the essence of "me", something other 
                   photographers don't go for.          I look forward to many more shoots with him, 
                   because the shot's speak for themselves.consistently spectacular !!

                                                                    Gillian Cooper



Gilbert, I flew halfway around the world to shoot with you, and I must say I had very high expectations, but you exceeded them in every way. I’ve worked with photographers around the world, and you have definitely claimed the place of my #1 photographer. You captured images of me that made me look like perfection, all the while being incredibly helpful and professional.
I guess nothing could speak my praises of you louder than flying back across the globe to work with you again, and my travel plans are underway!

Gilbert, THANK YOU,  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for all the photos and laughs!

                                                              Lane Williams


                  ALEXIS McFARLAND
testimonial of photographer gilbert rossi by alexis mcfarland, gilbert rossi fashion photographer testimonial, modelling portfolio

model's testimonial about gilbert rossi, regarding working with gilbert rossi.

Working with Gilbert Rossi, is a lot of fun, he is an amazing photographer and
is very experienced in his field. He has a creative mind, that you can constantly
collaborate with. You are guaranteed great results every time.
Alexis McFarland, Sydney

testimonials from models that have worked with photographer Gilbert Rossi, fashion shot by gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio shoot by sydney photographer Gilbert Rossi

model's testimonial, testimonials about photographer Gilbert Rossi, modelling portfolio, fashion model,,

photographer Gilbert Rossi shoots model, fashion photo shoot, Sydney photographer,

photographer gilbert rossi shooting model silvia grenova in studio, sydney fashion photographer

photographer Gilbert Rossi on location fashion shoot in Sydney, model wears black silk pants suit. Silvia Grenova models for photographer Gilbert Rossi

The Master Photographer.
When looking at Gilbert's pictures I see perfect vision, a perfect capture of a human's beauty. Admiring, truly beautiful, and divine! Having a shoot with Gilbert Rossi is not a "shoot", it is an Experience! Gilbert makes the invisible beauty, visible.
Gilbert's photographs are remarkable for the effects he produces with light, air and water. He loves water! He always hunts for perfection, capturing expression, emotion and clarity, something alive. His composition is structured by using a method of disconnection. He let's you have a look but not see! He leaves a space for our imagination, and lets us see the beauty in endless possibilities.And still he would not miss a moment! 
Gilbert guides you to see for the first time a real reflection of you, your real beauty. 
A day shoot with Gilbert changes everything. What you believed isn’t that important becomes important, what you believed isn’t beautiful becomes beautiful.

                                     Gilbert Rossi is one of the Master Photographers of today.

                                                                    Silvia Grenova.


modelling portfolio photography, fashion shot on location by photographer gilbert rossi, sexy fashion shoot on beach,

vintage fashion shoot by sydney photographer gilbert rossi, studio shoot,50's fashion

vintage fashion by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, fashion photographer.

Gilbert has such an inspirational personality, and every time we work together I never fail remembering why I became a model. Not only is he, without doubt a brilliant photographer, but also a great mentor and friend. In my day to day life, I am a girl, but when with Gilbert I am a Woman. 
Thank you for all your help.

Jessica xx 


beauty shoot on location of German blonde model Tiffany Winteller wearing white lingerie corsette by fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi

edgy fashion on location by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, urban fashion shoot, tiffany winteler, modelling portfolio shoot.

edgy fashion, urban fashion shoot on location by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, swimwear, silver story

I've worked with Gilbert several times now, and I think my elevated mood after each shoot says it all. He is an extremely professional photographer who has such a great eye for detail. Thanks to Gilbert's helpful directions during the shoots I feel like I have become far more aware of how to move in front of the camera, and my facial expressions are becoming much stronger.
I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with him and would recommend him to anyone.

Tiffany Winteler



                                                   ALEXANDRA STAMELL
sexy fashion portrait by sydney photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio shoot, beach photo shoot

modelling portfolio photography by gilbert rossi, location folio shoot, fashion shoot on location, brunette model alex.

model's photo shoot on location with photographer gilbert rossi, wind blowing fashion model's hair, brunette model's portfolio shoot

I have always felt uncomfortable and awkward in front of the camera, but when working with Gilbert those feelings went away almost instantaneously. His belief and confidence in you allows you to let go of any insecurities, and his creative vision and ability to direct that vision with such precision results in the production of amazing photos. We have only worked together once, but already we have made some beautiful photos, I am so exited to see what the rest of our time together will bring.

Alex Stamell


supermodel, sue smithers shot by photographer gilbert rossi, fashion, actors headshots,

Gilbert Rossi is one of Australia's and world's most professional and talented photographers. Gilbert's work speaks for itself and he delivers! Gilbert is passionate about his work and very generous in a professional sense. Inspirational to work with, I would recommend Gilbert as a photographer in any capacity. A true professional. (I know I've worked with most of them worldwide, eg: David Bailey, Guy Bourdin, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Arthur Elgort, Norman Parkinson, Hans Fuhrer, Deborah Turbeville, Patrick Russell.  etc... 

Sue Smithers


modeling portfolio by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, black model on white background, studio beauty study

Working with Gilbert Rossi has been a great experience for me. I did do some modelling in New Zealand, and none of them were as direct as Gilbert was. He always gets great shots, even when I have my grumpy days, he lifted my spirits up. I'm glad I got to work with such a professional and hard working photographer. He is very creative and fun to work with and always seems to surprise me with my final product.

Asha Osman, Sydney Australia. 

testimonial by isidora sukkar of working with fashion photographer gilbert rossi, working with photographer gilbert rossi, about modelling portfolios

Gilbert Rossi is an extremely professional and talented photographer. 
Shooting with him was challenging because he strives for perfection, but the
result was amazing! He really does have exceptional photographic skills along
with an eye for detail. He is very organized and a great light manipulator as well.
I have shot with Gilbert a number of times, and I always leave his studio finding 
that I have learned something new about modelling each time. As a person he is 
very funny, and from my experience, has the ability to make a model feel relaxed
and confident during the shoot.   I can't recommend him enough to anyone who 
wants something special in their portfolio of the highest standard.

I would shoot again with Gilbert, at any given time, in a heartbeat.
Isidora Sukkar, Sydney Australia.  

spartacus, modeling portfolio shoot,actors portfolio,luna rioumina shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, magazine submission, mens magazine shoot by photographer gilbert rossi,

luna rioumina spartacus, luna in sexy spartacus  scene, magazine shoot by photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio.

luna rioumina spartacus actor by photographer gilbert rossi, luna's portfolio shoot, magazine submission, sexy model in studio shoot

This Gil is coming from the bottom of my heart, and I truly mean every word..

It has been an absolute privilege and honour to have worked with Gilbert Rossi. He is an exceptional artist and one of the leading photographers in the world, who is extremely passionate about beauty and his work.

Luna Rioumina, Actor and Model.


modelling portfolio photography by gilbert rossi, beauty headshot for modeling portolio, hair and makeup by karen hopwood, studio fashion shoot

classic fashion shoot on location by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, hair shoot, redhead model, gilbert rossi shoots fashion on location, outdoor fashion shoot.

When I first met Gilbert he left a lasting impression. His genuineness, unique eye for detail, and talent is what sets him apart from the rest as a photographer and as a person. Gilbert has a rare gift of capturing the true essence of females. I believe this comes from his genuine admiration of women, so his passion for women radiates in his work. As a model, Gilbert has helped me feel more comfortable in my own body and realize my true potential as a model and as a woman. I have been privileged to come to know such a gracious soul, and am looking forward to working closely with him in the future.

Monique Wright



Gilbert Rossi Is an exceptional photographer who has taught me valuable skills that I have taken with me through my modelling journey. His attention to detail sets him apart from any other photographers. Through his help and guidance I have produced amazing photos of such high standard that it pales in comparison to other photographers. He’s made me embrace my beauty and make something of it. One thing about Gilbert is he’s a realist and that is the type of mentality you need in this kind of industry. He’s helped me in more ways than he will ever know and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with this extraordinary photographer. “I’m more than just a pretty face” Gilbert’s favourite one liner has taught me it’s important to have something in-between your shoulders. He’s also taught me that if you want something bad enough you need to do everything in your power to get it, the world is your oyster. I can never thank you enough. P.S thank you for always believing in me even when I didn’t believe in my self.

Abak Kot  January 2017


modelling portfolio shoot by sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, testimonial, glamour swimwear shoot, model portfolio headshot, Kanika Batra.

glamour portfolio shoot, folio update,modeling porfolio package, Kanika Batra shot by photographer Gilbert Rossi, location shoot
Makeup by Monique- Fab Faces

Gilbert has a reputation so incredible that I thought it had to be exaggerated- how could anyone actually live up to that? His work has been in world class magazines in dozens of different countries, he's shot with supermodels and he is said to be one of the best photographers in Australia. I went into the shoot with moderate hopes, I expected a good result, but could someone possibly be that good? Well, after this week, I know that yes, someone can be that talented and adept at photography.

Gilbert is a perfectionist with a revolutionary vision, and this resulted in some of the most amazing photos I've seen in my life. He is not constrained by conventions and boundaries; his artistic vision is radical and innovative.
Any insecurities I had, vanished as soon as the shoot began, as his instructions were confident and clear. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and am grateful for the experience, I have never before encountered this level of professionalism and precision. Gilbert has passion, technique and has mastered the artistry of photography, I'm very much looking forward to shooting with him again in the near future.

Kanika Batra.   



Gilbert Rossi photographer shoots African model Akuc Mayik in Melbourne studio

Gilbert is the most amazing photographer I've ever shot with. I love working with him because his shoots are a lot of fun, and he is very passionate and inspiring. I became very confident after working with him. Even the most random photos became amongst the best I've got. A million thanks for all the hard work, and for inspiring me to succeed at modelling. And if asked to shoot with him, I'd go anywhere to work with Gilbert again. 

                                                                          Akuc Mayik.

  I'm happy with Gilbert's professional approach on all our shoots.
                                          Akuc Mayik.  


                           JENNIFER FOO   -   MAKEUP & HAIR ARTIST

Gilbert Rossi photographer, makeup artist, beauty shoot, studio fashion shoot, beauty model

Gilbert Rossi is quite a character, with years of experience and amazing pictures and stories to back them up. You name it, he’s done it, from four Olympic games in a row to high fashion in Europe and New York, alongside major advertising campaigns. He’s been all over the world with his craft. One of the few photographers around who knows his art inside out.  Gilbert will never settle for anything less than the best, he would rather have 1 great picture than 10 average ones. He will not compromise his work and standards by doing anything that he thinks is distasteful and inelegant. He will rather not do a job than give all the rights to the pictures away. He’s one of those people who shoots for no other reason than the fact that he loves to capture than perfect image. Not for the money or anything else. He has an eye for detail, fixing anything out of place before making the picture, and believes in minimal retouching.
Expect nothing less than high quality when you work with Gilbert.

                                                                   Jennifer Foo
                       Hair and Makeup Artist working with Gilbert Rossi for over seven years