Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Urban fashion lingerie story shot on location in Sydney

Location fashion shoots can be a little demanding when you need to deal with the weather's blustery moods, as well as the crowds of city workers trampling through your frame. On this day we had the usual groupies that have never seen a woman before and felt the need to make up for lost time, as well as a few that thought you needed their invaluable opinion. But in the end we came away with some strong images that made up for the demanding conditions, just another day at the office.
black model, street fashion, edgy urban shoot by photographer Gilbert Rossi, sudanese model, modelling portfolio photography

modelling portfolio, urban fashion shoot, black model on location shot by sydney photographer Gilbert Rossi, modeling portfolio package

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Edgy Fashion in Urban Concrete Maze

This edgy fashion shoot came about when the weather we required deteriorated to the point that only a poor sunless sky was left. So we adapted and changed our location and wardrobe to suit. I wanted  Larissa's strong sculptured face to dominate the urban concrete location, keeping it simple so her intense look brought an extra edge to the shoot.
edgy fashion shoot,modelling portfolio shot by sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, location photo shoot of Larissa Joyce, swimwear, one piece swim suit,

modelling portfolio shoot, urban fashion, location swimwear photo shoot, Larissa Joyce shot by fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi

modeling portfolio packages, fashion shoot in city,

Gilbert Rossi shoots fashion with Larissa Joyce, fashion photographer, gear model management,
Hair, makeup and styling by WIT Productions