Friday, February 13, 2015

Urban Fashion Texture Story, shoes and all.

Love those sneaks on Camille's feet, and don't they belong in this wealth of texture. These were the first images we made on the day, before the clouds parted and the sun's filtered rays led to the images on my previous post. I love shooting women's Footwear, and Accessories on location and in a setting that accentuates how they stand out,... by fitting in.

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industrial edgy fashion shoot, women's footwear shoot by sydney photographer gilbert rossi, texture in fashion,

camille thomas model, urban location shoot, fashion in the field, model in white, long hair,

modelling portfolio packages, sexy, edgy fashion shoot by gilbert rossi, makeup by rose borge, model in white, location catalogue, look book

                                                                Make Up by  Rose Borge

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Edgy Urban Fashion Shoot in my new location in Sydney.

Locations for a shoot often just materialise in the corner of my eye, as this one did. I was taking a slightly different route between locations when I took a little detour to check out an interesting looking building site, when this awesome concrete work of art jumped out at me. To make things even more interesting the clouds parted and we had just the great light I needed for our second shot, Camille then quickly changed as the sun came out to help get this totally different look.
This great background with it's richly textured ground is not anything that was planned, but just a result of the workers at this building site pouring the concrete the way they did. I doubt the final building will have the appeal that this wall has for me, I'm going back as soon as the workers take their sunday break, I only hope it will still be there and unchanged.

edgy urban fashion shoot by photographer Gilbert Rossi, swimwear, modelling portfolio photographer, model shoot on location, concrete building site

urban fashion shoot by photographer gilbert Rossi, modelling portfolio photographer, swimwear shoot on location,

swim suit, modelling portfolio shoot, swimwear model on location, edgy urban fashion shoot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi,

modelling portfolio packages, model in silhouette, location fashion shoot by sydney photographer Gilbert Rossi

edgy swimwear shoot, gilbert rossi shoots glamour fashion, sexy fashion shoot, makeup by rose borg, sexy swimwear photographed on location,
Camille's curves a contrast to the concrete texture

Hair and Makeup by Rose Borg