Sunday, March 9, 2014

Modelling Portfolio Update shot on location

Portfolio shoots need to target the model's strengths and clearly show what she or he brings to the table. Just coming up with interesting images might please you, the model, but is it going to cut it, if your looking to get booked by those that are calling the shots.
Portfolio shots need to give information, how you can move and body shots need to give a good idea of your body shape etc. As well as creating a mood or portray an emotion that catches the attention of talent bookers. Folio images need to stand out and give clients - Agents, Photographers, Art Directors and Editors more than just your great looks, after all just relying on your pretty face doesn't count for much when beauty is an entry requirement shared by all at each casting. As they say in need to sell the sizzle, not just the steak!

modelling portfolio shoot by fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, lingerie shoot of model wearing Pleasure State Lingerie, model wearing corsette.

portfolio package fashion, fashion shoot of Tiffany in white corset, location fashion by Gilbert Rossi.

beauty headshot by Sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi, modeling portfolio shoot,fashion portrait

Pleasant State Lingerie shot outdoors by photographer Gilbert Rossi,modelling portfolio update, edgy sexy fashion shoot

location fashion shoot, Pleasant State underwear, photo shoot on a wharf

edgy lingerie shoot in urban location, model wearing black, sexy fashion by Gilbert Rossi

Sexy edgy lingerie fashion shoot on location, model wearing black underwear, fashion shoot on location by photographer Gilbert Rossilocation
Wardrobe styling by Florinda-WIT Productions, retouching by Gilbert Rossi.


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