Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just Add Water…..Swimwear Shoot by a Waterfall created by stormy weather.

I was shooting with a new African model, Mary, and had loaded up with all our planned clothing and accessories, when I drove past a favourite location, just to check out conditions. We had plans to drive on, until this rush of water, a mini waterfall, enticed me to change plans.
The old proverb "That Man plans, and God laughs" does not often apply to me, because I'm always ready to seize upon a fresh idea when the God's throw potentially great stuff my way.

I know that these days, many young models like to shoot something they have seen before and like to do, but I'm open to see what comes my way, while on the way, to whatever. After all the original plan is still doable on another day, so all is good.

To say that it was a cold day is an understatement, but Mary had both the courage to give it a go, and the foresight to see it would be worth the effort.
After all haven't we all heard the old adage-"no pain, no gain". And then comes the satisfaction that you did well and turned a cold grey day around and into great images.

Mary was rewarded with just enough soft sunlight that made her already great skin, glow.

Makeup by Monique from Fab Faces

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