Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photographing the runway show at Fashion Palette

I went to shoot Fashion Palette at the Carriageworks and see what some emerging designers were producing. The images here are not a documentry of the designs, rather a collection of my impression of the event.
sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi shoots fashion palette runway show. australian fashion designers showing their latest range, fashion models strutting the runway at Fashion Palette

models showing bridal wear at fashion palette as shot by photographer gilbert rossi, models on the runway wearing australian fashion

sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi shooting models on Fashion Palette runway

Fashion Palette models shot by photographer Gilbert Rossi

australian fashion week models on runway, Sydney fashion by photographer gilbert rossi

australian models show the latest fashion at fashion palette, gilbert rossi shoots fashion palette catwalk

modelling the latest fashion, gilbert rossi shooting fashion palette runway show

shoe fashion on parade, photographer gilbert rossi focuses on the shoes

model strutts her designer's latest fashion on the runway, sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi shoots models on runway

 this years latest fashion as shot by gilbert rossi

new season fashion as photographed by sydney advertising photographer gilbert rossi, model shows a young emerging designers latest fashion

model wears next season's range, gilbert rossi shoots model at fashion palette in sydney

 sydney fashion model shot by photographer gilbert rossi

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