Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shooting for my new find's modelling portfolio, a model I found at a St George atm.

I'm always running out of cash, but this time it paid off. After stocking up at a teller machine I turned around to see this gorgeous short haired blonde waiting in line. Well, what else could I do but ...
Yes it turns out she is modelling, no surprise there, and yes she needed to build on her book. Well who doesn't ?   I took a peek at Brittany's folio on her agency's website. Again I wondered where all that vibrant energy and style that I felt at the atm had got to. I see this all the time in models folios, great clothes, great makeup, great hair,  but not much of the model in question that stands out.
Sydney fashion photographer shoots modelling portfolio of model with short blonde hair, studio fashion portrait by Gilbert Rossi

sydney fashion photographer Gilbert Rossi shoots portrait for modelling portfoilo, model hair shoot in studio of blonde girl

model having fun on photo shoot, gilbert rossi shooting modelling portfolio on location

sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi shoots edgy fashion portrait, edgy fashion shoot for modelling portfolio

edgy urban fashion shoot by sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi, modelling portfolio location shoot of sexy blonde model

You need strong images in your portfolio that do more than show how pretty you are if you want to stand out from the many gorgeous models that are going for the same gigs. When you are ready build your folio into a collection of images that sell you in an environment as competitive as our Fashion and Advertising industry is, contact me, I exell in making you all you can be. It all starts with that first contact. 
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