Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fashion and Beauty shoots with Monique

While going through the images I've made with different models, I compiled this small retrospective of my shoots with one redhead, Monique Kathleen.
I'm finding it interesting recalling the work and great times we had creating the diverse range and variety we can see here. Although some were planned, the ones that are most satisfying turn out to be the ones born of opportunities that the gods threw at me. Because I see changes to plans as just that, opportunities.

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One that springs to mind is a denim story we were in the middle of, and I saw behind my back a fast approaching storm. So do we race to change outfit, or race to another location close by to be ready for those raging clouds. I'm pleased with my choice to stay with what Monique was wearing, because as it turned out, there was no way to get back to the car, change, then get back.
Part of that denim story can be seen above, along with my fav storm shot at the top of this compilation. At times I think we might have made it to the car and changed into a gown, but I know that would not have happened.
Remember that old saying.."Man plans, God laughs "  But in this case, I was tempted, but I made the right decision and we were rewarded with some powerfull images.
All in all an awesome afternoon's work, and it was a long drive back, because I couldn't wait to get amongst my images.   Some of these images can be seen in older blogs, take a look.

                                                     Another great day at the Office.

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  1. What a great idea for showing the many faces of the model and the many styles.. of the photographer. Great idea Gilbert for a great selection of shots.