Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fashion Photography often means working with the location's weather, rather than crying when the conditions are not what's wanted.

After a few shoots in recent months, working in Australia's crazy weather, I thought I'd post some images that were a direct result of working with and embracing the conditions as we found them or what they developed into. Some of the most rewarding experiences, for me come from turning things around and into emotive images.
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fashion location shoot of alex stamell by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, sexy outdoor beach shoot, model wearing leopard print top

wind blowing model's hair, modelling portfolio shoot by sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi, location photography of model, alex stamell, actors headshot photography

While the images above of Alex were shot with a strong wind that was driving us crazy, this image of Carly was executed when the rain came to try us, but a little cover and the available light found in my bag, in the form of a flash/strobe did the trick. 

modeling portfolio package shoot by photographer Gilbert Rossi, location flash shoot, sexy urban fashion, night modelling with flash

modelling portfolio fashion shoot for agency model by photographer Gilbert Rossi, location shoot in the wind, portfolio package for modeling
This image was created when the wind seemed to be too strong. So rather than go indoors and waste the gorgeous sunlight, I found a location that enabled me to put the wind to effective use. 

The strong directional movement in Larissa's pose, and the wind blowing her hair and more importantly, her skirt, are the main components that contribute to this image's power and strength. 
Along with that strong intense look from Larissa......Another great dat at the office!

When asked to shoot friend's Ajita and Justin's wedding, we had hopped for sunshine, but the weather Gods had other ideas. But I was prepared both with a tarp to protect Ajita's dress and for shooting in the rain. It was sprinkling and a little windy, I try to think that the Gods are trying to help me make memorable photographs, if only I'm able to embrace what they throw at me. 

I did warn Justin by saying, that whatever happens, we will get what we came to for, a memorable record of their special day, encompassing all that goes into making it so. So I thought... "I'm covered" so to speak. So rather than waiting for more umbrellas to be retrieved from the limo, I stayed ready for whatever came my way. Actually it went the wedding party's way......the gust of wind that was already flexing its muscle, (just to give me a heads up of what I must admit, I was hoping for)...the rest as they say is history. The gusting wind blew the fountain's water into our shot. That's Justin's brother seen here enjoying the dousing way too much, and oblivious of the Bride and Groom's displeasure. Soon I'll post the whole series of images in the sequence that this image is part of. The last image is awesome, so stay tuned.

Moral of this story; for me-stay alert and vigilant, ready for whatever, maybe a usefull legacy from years of shooting sport. The moral for the newly weds, with which they seamed to agree ;-whatever happens, it will truly part and parcel of your special day. And in this case it seemed to make the day's best pictures.

All in all "Another Great Day at the Office"

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