Friday, February 1, 2013

Gillian's latest modelling portfolio headshots are head turners as I've come to expect.

We recently came together to produce some strong and I'm pleased to say not "on trend" images for Gillian's book and website. I say not on trend because "on trend" these days seems to mean flat, bland and uncommunicative imagery that is designed not to stand out, but to appease the lost, gutless people out there that are afraid of anything that says anything at all.
I want to celebrate what is different not what wants to "bland in". Today I see so many people in a powerfull position in this industry, wether art/creative directors, producers, agencies or clients that are so worried of what might put off, offend or just not please whoever they see as their target audience, that their ability to make meaningfull and definitive decisions is watered down by fear of "what if".
I've always been in favour of the "Lead, follow us or just get out of the way" school of thinking. We have enough sheep out there thank you!
modelling portfolio, gillian cooper shot by fashion photographer gilbert rossi, studio beauty shoot, model with hair blowing, sexy model in close up

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