Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Squeaky wheel gets the oil"

My favourite model declared herself available during these past few warm days, so as I'm not able to just sit indoors slaving over my computer while the sun shines outside, out we went. Enthusiasm can take on many different shapes, as you can see here, it can be well worth the effort to oil up. There are more of course, but you will need to wait and see. But you can be sure of at least one thing, "All that glistens can be Gold"
modelling portfolio shot on location by photographer gilbert rossi,swimwear location shoot, glamour swimwear shot on australian beach, modelling portfolio headshot
Some images show faces that once looked our way, I shoot for ones that can keep looking out at us.

As you can see here, her captivatingly intense look can keep our attention long after the distraction of her fit and ample physique. I like shooting with her because the resulting images withstand not only the test of time, but survive swimming in today's huge volume of images out there.

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