Saturday, November 19, 2011

So Sarah Murdoch has also noticed that so many wannabe models are lazy whingers

While catching up on local news this morning I saw this little story relating Sarah Murdoch's experiences as Australia's Next Top Model host and producer. She is quoted as telling Australian Women's Weekly "I've never heard so much whinging and as for work ethic, I don't know where that's gone"
Sarah's other quotes that resonated with me included references to "do you not realise who you are working with...and the leg up you've been given" Most photographers working with the latest crop of "models" comes across this problem often, usually from girls that basically do little more than just reflect light, then stand back demanding and whinging all kind of things. Well, I hope Sarah takes the opportunity to drag these precious princesses into the real world, via the door. As I've often said, "some people please us when they come, others when they go"
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Years ago, when I shot with Sarah, it was obvious why she was well on the road to success. Apart from being gorgeous, and infected all around her with her enthusiasm, Sarah was also a consummate professional, working through that particular days challenges delivering the goods we were there to produce. Well, girls, you can see for yourselves where that got Sarah.

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