Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stylist gets in front of my lens

I have wanted to shoot Liz since I first laid eyes on her, but like so many makeup artists, they prefer the relative safety of the shadows rather than the limelight. But now she relented, as long as I made some sexy images of her. Did I ask "why now?", nope, I employed the age old tradition that I have subscribed to for as long as I can remember.....shoot first.... ask questions later!

sydney fashion photographer gilbert rossi shoots make up artist elizabeth hagan in studio, model shoot on white background, makeup artist in front of the lens, stylist as model shot by photographer gilbert rossi
As I'm now working on a project to shoot and document the people who work behind the scenes, I will soon be able to give all these creatives a brief insight to what it's like to be in the spotlight. I expect the experience to be illuminating in some way for all of us. Stay tuned, all will be revealed.

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